Ogunquit Goes Green – Quick Tips on what you can do

Becoming a Maine Environmental Leader hotel and ‘going green’ was a remarkable process at our Ogunquit resort. We really took on the challenge of Save the Planet or Else – as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Newsweek cover shouted. We worked hard, but also had fun – such as starting a Surf ‘n’ Stay Package and having World Ocean Day celebrations.

Transitioning to an eco-friendly hotel starts with the back of the house and continues on with adding up the little things. For us, efficiency in our heating and cooling systems and lighting was first, then a review of our pools and housekeeping supplies, and onto front of the house eco-efforts such as recylcing bins and eco-friendly in room amentities. So when a guest asked me about how we did became a green hotel and if we found the process overwhelming, I answered what steps we took and said ‘Nope! Going green was simple.’

But that guest had a point – living, working and being environmentally responsible can be daunting. What is a Carbon Challenge? Should I think about a hybrid, bio-fuel or a bicycle? Will I have to hug a tree? Well, I still think a good approach is to take it one step at a time and make going green simple. On our Environmental page are some helpful sites and check out some quick tips from Newsweek’s How to Live a Greener Life – a nice article. The little things add up and each step makes a difference!

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