Online reservations – Warning about

At the Meadowmere, we have been very fortunate with online bookings. Overall, the internet has really been a benefit to travel and especially to the traveler. Online bookings – whether at or with third party sites like Expedia, Orbitz or Travelocity – are quick and easy.

So it is deeply upsetting when a unscrupulous website comes along. And is just that. In the past month, several reservations with FALSE RATE information have come our way. Now, we are an independent, family run, Ogunquit hotel – can you imagine how many times this underhanded website must do this with large chains? In the end, it hurts the customer and the property. The customer because they budget for a vacation and find out the costs are as much as three times higher! The property because we look like the bad guys. Who gets away scott free? – when in reality, the cause of the problem is this unprofessional travel site.

Here’s where the story gets worse – after calling not only did they not want to fix the false rate information that they advertise on their site, they did not even want to contact the customer to give the guest the consideration of cancelling. Instead, was perfectly fine with surprising the customer and ruining their vacation. Well that’s not acceptable to us! We will continue to work with our internet partner to fix this situation and will continue to inform our guests that is not to be used to book travel.

In the end, call the property directly that you are booking with to double check or visit their site directly. Often it is a better rate and at the very least – it is an accurate rate! No surprises!

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