Southern Maine Beaches A “Beach Buddy” Ranking from the Today Show

Beaches are the ideal place to spend a summer vacation – and Ogunquit Beach is one of the most famous in Maine. However, if you need a change of pace when here – take a quick drive south of the Meadowmere and check out Short Sands beach (great for families) and Long Sands Beach (fun surf spot). Our southern beaches were just revealed on the Today Show as Beach Buddies, ranking 90% of better on safe water testing.

How does Ogunquit rank? As one of Maine’s most important water attraction, Maine Healthy Beaches and the Ogunquit Conservation Committee work hard to study the area and monitor the water quality. An important part of keeping Ogunquit Beach beautiful is responsible local growth and responsible tourism. We had one guest today that did not want to participate in Project Planet, a towel reuse program where if you want new towel, leave them on the floor; hang the towels up if you want to save water and reuse. She simply said that she was on vacation and paying to use as many towels as she wanted. That is her decision and we respect that.

So maybe on your vacation you take time off from the weight of eco-worries, like our current guest. But if you want to reuse your towel, by all means help do your part. We promise, we’ll give you a clean one whenever you ask!

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