Seeking Solitude in Ogunquit’s Summer Rush

Lately, even though some of our guest shave chosen to visit us in Ogunquit in the busy summer, they are looking for a quiet getaway. Ogunquit is a lovely vacation spot – however, a trip to this area of Maine in August is anything but quiet. The town hustles and bustles with activity and people and most famously, traffic. It happens on a little town with one main road (Route 1).

However, if a guest arrives in August to our busy resort and sees that the town is quite the hot spot in Southern Maine, but was expecting a tranquil beach vacation – How can we assist them? So we’ve created a list of quiet spots close by – and yes, even at our Ogunquit hotel. For a few moments of peace . . .

Top Quiet Places in Ogunquit – Year Round

*Benches of Marginal Way – The path may get busy, but people tend to walk silently along in awe of the rocky cliffs. Marginalway_viewAlong this walk are benches dedicated by loving family members and friends. Most are set at the most scenic views and off the trail. Our favorite for solitude is actual two benches set in a wooded area looking back on Perkins Cove. The bench with the best view? Well, that’s up to you – though the one pictured here provides a gorgeous lookout over the Atlantic. Tip: Arrive early for sunset seating – even better, grab coffee in our lobby and visit in the peace of early morning.

*Little Beach – Sneak out the back of the Meadowmere onto Bourne Lane, pick up Shore Road towards Perkins Cove and then make a detour. Take Israel Head Road to the water where a miniature light house marks Little Beach. While the town is famous for Ogunquit Beach’s miles of white sand, Little Beach is a quiet nook set among the Marginal Way cliffs. Tip: If you want sand, time your trip for low tide. Otherwise, just lay out on the cliffs and relax to the waves.

*Dorothea Jacobs Grant Common – Most people miss this gem on their way to Ogunquit Beach as they head onto Obeds Lane from the north end of the hotel. Just a 50 yard stroll down this lane, take a turn into the Ogunquit Heritage Museum and pick up the gravel path into this peaceful park. Bring a blanket and settle in to enjoy this memorial common. Tip: Order a Village Food Market basket from our in-room gifts and plan a picnic – hours of quiet with a delicious twist.

*Josias River Park – Crossing through our back parking area towards Bourne Lane, a little pathway begins right at the trolley stop. Head down the slope to a river side clearing and enjoy this quiet conservation oasis. Tip: Bring a fishing pole – this spot has been a local fishing hole for generations.

*East Meadow BBQ Pits – Set behind our East Meadow building – ‘the Red Building’ – the BBQ area is a peaceful place for tossing around a football or Frisbee, lounging in a chair and seeking solitude while on property. Tip: Book early and choose this building for your room to have easy access to this quiet spot.

And finally – if a quiet is a must for your room while in Ogunquit, upgrade your room choice to our South Meadow Luxury Suites or our Honeymoons Suites. A little more, but you’ll have your own private Jacuzzi to enjoy and quiet location within the Meadowmere. Be flexible in your search for tranquility – these rooms book early!

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