Gordy is Ogunquit’s Biggest Red Sox Fan

GordyogtredsoxfanIt’s true – we go a little crazy for fall around the Meadowmere. Hay stacks, pumpkins, gourds, carts, home made cider, over fifty bunches of corn stalks and fresh apples. Then four years ago when OgunquitFest was started, we really got excited – a month long Scare Crow contest! Our autumn decorating dream comes true!

Last year, we introduced Gordy – a towering Scare Crow placed right at our entrance. Initially, he stood 14 feet tall and was so popular bus loads of people took pictures. Literally – a bus really did stop and unload everyone to take pictures.

But then came heavy rains and Gordy the First lost his head – right into the outdoor pool. And his body – right across Route One. Obviously, we needed to rethink this whole Scare Crow thing. Just like Humpty Dumpty, it took quite a few men, but Gordy the First couldn’t be put back together at 14 ft again. Instead, he only had the two remaining good hay bales and suffered defeat in the Scare Crow contest. A tragedy we at the Meadowmere will mourn (with admittedly some laughter) for many years to come.

Gordyogtredsoxfan2 This year, Gordy is back. Weather proofed, strapped down and an impressive 12ft tall, we did Gordy a favor and gave him a hat this year to protect him from a little (or a lot of!) rain. But not just any hat – a brand new Red Sox cap. Gordy is Ogunquit’s Biggest Red Sox fan. And just like the Sox, he is in the Hunt for October. Only his version is the OgunquitFest Scare Crow contest. He’s in mean shape this year and we think he’ll go deep into the season. Maybe even all the way!

And like any good politician, he’s out working the many visitors to Ogunquit with a wave and corny (yep, it really is corn) smile – looking to get the people’s (choice) vote!

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