Yoga in Ogunquit . . . Ohmmmmmmm

Ogunquit is just getting into this whole Yoga trend. Sure California can do back bends over us, but it’s very exciting to have a town Yogi. At Sacred Movement opened quietly in spring of 2007 and reached us over the summer.

Yoga classes are great in that all levels can give any class a try and the instructors welcome everyone. The studio teaches a Vinyasa Flow class. You will purify (aka sweat) and detoxify (aka loose weight) since the class is all about flowing from pose to pose. We strongly recommend a water bottle. There are also Anussara style classes which is can be described as beautiful. When you are done with the different poses, which you change into slowly with a focus on form, you will feel like a feather. There are also restorative classes for conscious relaxation (or no effort), gentle classes for stretching and more. Each one has raving fans (in that relaxed super positive yoga way). So you can see why it’s easy for us to recommend trying a class when in Ogunquit. Who wouldn’t want to feel blissful and relaxed on a getaway?

For those of you looking to practice Yoga or give it a try when visiting Ogunquit, a class schedule can be found by click here. Or check out the new Wellness package if you’re concerned your hamstrings may need some TLC after a Downward Dog. Mats are also availabe for a small homage of $1. Feel free to bring your own props, though they have plenty, and check your shoes at the door.

Til then . . . ohmmmmmmmmm

Namaste from the Meadowmere!

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