Veteran’s Day at Our Ogunquit Hotel

Today is beautiful in Ogunquit – gorgeous sunshine and cool crisp late Fall weather. Families are bundled up to head out to walk Ogunquit Beach and Marginal Way. Many are taking advantage of our November Is For Shopping stays and using over $500 of coupons to the Kittery Outlets – probably to buy an extra sweater!

Those that are staying at the Resort (a sell out crowd!) are packed into our game room and swimming in our heated indoor pool.  Some are departing us after a wedding (Congratulations to Amy & Tanner!) and others are just checking in on this Veteran’s holiday.

As people are out and about in Ogunquit today, we hope they visit Veteran’s Park located in the center of town and a memorial dedicated to those who have served. It is interesting to note that the memorial is at the busiest intersection in town (yep – the one with all that traffic): The memorial of those who fought for our freedom has been placed in the town center – where we all must pass by as we enjoy our daily lives and specials vacations.

Over the weekend many speeches were made and parades were held – great acknowledgements to the great people that have served and continue to serve. But the one about a famous dad who took his daughter to a VA hospital and just said thank you was the most touching tribute we saw. It was telling that each soldier cried – perhaps no one had said that before. So today would be a very good day to stop and say thank you at the memorial in Ogunquit Center and quietly say thank you to the veterans that you see. They helped make today a beautiful day in Ogunquit and beyond for all of us.

To all the Veteran’s and to their families too – Thank you.

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