Ogunquit Annual Recycling Awards for 2007

As part of our Ogunquit hotel’s green efforts, recycling became a focus for us at the Meadowmere. Anytime one creates a recycling program, the support of a well run town facility is an important component. Ogunquit is very fortunate to have a new transfer station with an enthusiastic Recycling Committee. The Committee annually selects an Ogunquit business to honor for “an Outstanding Contribution to the Recycling Efforts of the Town of Ogunquit and the State of Maine”. For 2007, the Meadowmere Resort was selected – an honor we truly appreciate. Recycling is an great start to anyone’s green program!

At our Ogunquit resort, recycling starts with the traditional and instantly recognizable blue bin. By using a familiar container, guests know what the bin is for. We then placed the bins is each hallway and in each guest room, as well in our office area (Practice what you preach!). With staff training to be aware of what can be recycled from a room (including all of our new amenity line, which is made from recycled materials and donates to the Rainforest Conservation), the difference adds up quickly. Finally, working with the Transfer Station and our waste management company, our recycling and composting gets into the right hands.

The last important puzzle piece to a guest program is to take advantage of the information provided by Ogunquit. Pamphlets on what can be recycled and what, if anything, should be separated (not much with the new station!) are prepared by the Town and the Transfer Station and are readily available. By providing one in each room, guests can be educated on how we recycle in Ogunquit.

Finally, we look at our maintenance and regular winter renovation projects to decide what can be donated, reused or recycled. There are many ways that recycling at our Ogunquit resort impacts our green hotel efforts. Thank you to everyone who helped us make a difference!

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