Cup A Joe . . . A Little Pick Me Up

At the Meadowmere, there are a few of us who appreciate coffee, a few who appreciate good coffee and a few who just haven’t joined the coffee club. However, coffee in a hotel has a role – its aroma fills the lobby, its sight sends a signal of welcoming and comfort and we’ve witnessed more than one weary traveler breathe a sigh of relief.

When our resort became an Environmental Leader, part of the program was to source items locally – particularly food and beverages.  We came to offer Seacoast Coffee in our lobby and with breakfast during the high season. Seacoast Coffee is delicious, local, fair trade and many of you have raved about it. We have one gentleman who visits the lobby at sunrise during his stays, has his 3 cups (black, half a sweet n low), and chats with our friendly staff – in his pajamas.

However, there have been some die hard coffee drinkers out there for whom the giant gallons of coffee in the lobby is just too far away in the morning. Please know that we hope you will  visit us at the lobby for our Maine made Seacoast Coffee for that first, second or third (take what you need, we understand) cup. An important part of our family run hotel is greeting our guests with a ‘Good Morning!’ – Even if you are wearing your pajamas.

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