WANTED: Christopher Roberts

Help – Our General Manager is locked up!

Description: Usually Wears a Smile
CAUTION: Heavily Armed with Kindness . . . This may be contagious!
PRIOR CONVICTION: Thoughtfulness and Generosity

Please help! Chris, our fearless leader, has been arrested and will be put in jail for Muscular Dystrophy Association Lock-Up. Don’t even bother asking him what crime he has committed – it’s really not that important. And never mind that jail is MC Perkins Cove and our fearless outlaw will have ocean views and world famous cuisine. He’s just not cut out for lock up.

There is hope. The nice deputy from the MDA said they would make sure he was taken care of (Chris hopes this means extra lobster and a front row table – not a swimming with fishes) if he raises bail before the Lock-Up.

We won’t lie to you folks – It’s looking grim for our hero. His only hope may be 100% tax-deductible donations to help the Muscular Dystrophy Association continue research into the cause and possible cure of the over 43 diseases they cover. Donations are 100% for efforts such as wheelchairs, clinic visits, summer camps and the search for a cure. 0% is held back for care of our bandit Chris (disconcerting, we know!).

Rumor has it that Chris will be facing high noon on April 16th – There isn’t much time to save him from the fate of an MC’s burger and the ocean view driving him mad!

Should you be willing to risk association with a wanted man, please help. Join us April 16th – We offer our midweek package with overnight accommodations and dinner at MC Perkins Cove and pledge to help in person.

Please help bring our fearless leader back to the Meadowmere!

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