Mulching at the Meadowmere

Realmainelobstercompostatwo “Lawn care was being done we were told- very good if this is more environmentally friendly than regular chemicals. However-the odor was a bit fishy while in the outdoor hot-tub. Any alternative that doesn’t smell??”

Every spring there is a time here known as ‘mulching at the Meadowmere’ and this time is marked by the remarkable smell that wafts from the gardens. Rest assured – the smell is temporary – in fact, it is gone now. However, we know there will be a day or two when something about our resort smells a little fishy . . . literally.

Here’s the inside story. Years ago, we got wind of a mulch like no other. And today, our mulching program at our Ogunquit hotel is part of our Environmental Leadership program (the guest who provided the ecomment above is right). Our mulch is purchased from a local purveyor who, with love and care, cultivates outstanding organic compost. The trick is in the shellfish and lobster remains. It is also where the smell comes from. And if any of you have ever boiled lobster at home and put the bodies in the kitchen trash, you can attest from entering your kitchen the next morning that it only takes a day to have a scent that will knock you out.

Our fearless Maintenance team spreads the mulch through every garden and the fearful smell dissipates in a day or two. In fact, the compost smells because it is being moved  – Once settled, the process of enriching the soil begins and all the good stuff goes into the earth.

By using organic compost, less chemicals and additional additives are needed in our gardens. By using this special compost, the nutrients in the soil are enhanced further. However, the compost is in demand and depends on the weather, lobstering, and more as to when we get to mulching.

So while we can’t tell you exactly when we will be mulching at the Meadowmere from Spring to Spring, we can tell you that our gardens receive rave reviews and are the colorful back drop to many a family photo and wedding moment.

So when you say something smells a little fishy ’round here, it’s a our Maine lobster compost!

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