Liquid Dreams gives surfing start up tips

Liquiddreamslogo Mark at Liquid Dreams is a guy who loves what he does. From outfitting the little ones for surf camp to finding the best boards to cool clothing like Andy Davis tees, he’s way into surfing. Today in the York Country Coast Stay, Mark and fellow surfers share some tips on learning to surf.

Surfpic Here are the surf tips from the article:

) Steer clear of other surfers. You don’t need the biggest or the best waves, so don’t hog them. You can still get a good ride closer in and other surfers will thank you for it.

2) Make sure you have the right equipment. Full wetsuits at least 3 mil thick are best, and longboards make it easier to get yourself up. Pass up the pointy-ended boards, too – you’re not ready for those yet.

3) Know your tides. Long Sands in York, Wells and Kennebunk beaches are good in any tide, while Ogunquit waves are better at low tide.

4) Check out the web site for wave conditions before you head out. The site has everything you need to know about tides, wind and waves.

5) Consider taking a few lessons. You can learn on your own, but a few good lessons will save you months of hard work.

Check out Liquid Dreams surf lesson schedule and if you want to learn to surf but aren’t from the area, there’s also our Learn to Surf getaway package.

And like the article says – don’t worry about the water – wetsuits are a must and will keep you plenty warm!

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