Creative Tips for Green(er) Weddings

Pid_38 We recently came across some good tips on how to make your wedding green – or at least greener. Interestingly enough, this Newsweek article was next to planning a trip to the Andes Mountains. While backpacking the honeymoon is certainly an eco-friendly way to go, maybe the suggestions below are a little easier to work into the wedding plans!

Greener Weddings Tips

  • Have extra entrees and other courses donated to food shelters and groups like our local Good Shepard Food Bank of Southern Maine.
  • Use local, in season flowers to avoid the shipping and refrigeration of more exotic choices. Local flower shops can help with this – such as Brenda’s Bloomers and Calluna’s Fine Flowers
  • Donate bridesmaids dresses, mom’s dress or even the bridal gown to charities that reuse them (suggestions were and – but ask you bridal shop about others. You may find options that truly connect with you and make it easy to part with your gown)
  • If you already have one of every kitchen gadget and matching towel sets, have guests donate to charities that reflect causes you care about and support. (If you are getting married in Southern Maine, consider involving local charities – such as the Marginal Way Fund, Ogunquit Heritage Museum, Clean Beaches, the Ogunquit Playhouse, Greater Works Land Trust, or the Ogunquit Museum of American Art.)

Also, our friends at Clay Hill Farm have gathered green offerings from each of their vendors as part of their Environmental Leader efforts. Just ask your reception venue – they may be greener than you think!

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