Little Bit of Ogunquit Culture

Ogunquit has a long history and a lot of character (Some would say a lot of characters as well!). Today, we found three articles about different famous pieces of Ogunquit lore . . .

A trademark to Ogunquit summer – traffic! Why is there no light? Where is the policeman to direct traffic? We often get asked this question, but are just learning the term Ogunquit Weave. Check out this article on the history of traffic in Ogunquit. That intersection is the most studied in Maine – and the Weave is the best solution to date!

And at the other end of the village, Perkins Cove has a different kind of traffic – boats going in and out. With lobstermen, sailing, deep fishing and lighthouse cruises, Perkins Cove is just as busy as when the area was a flat, marshy pond filled with Ogunquit dories. Check out this article on the history of Perkins Cove in Ogunquit and how the cove came to be.

Connecting the village center and Perkins Cove is Marginal Way. This cliff side walk is beautiful and a large part of why people visit Ogunquit each year. The path follows the ocean for a mile and a quarter and with benches dotted along the way, it’s easy to sit and stare at the waves for hours. Marginal Way is the perfect spot for walking hand in hand, exploring with the family or just taking a few moments to oneself. In fact, we just had a couple elope upon the cliffs. Wish you could be there right now? Well, there’s a new DVD that does just that – Takes you right to Marginal Way! Check out the article on the DVD and be sure to support this beautiful seaside stroll.

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