PunkinFiddle is This weekend!

Which means this weekend is National Estuaries Day! Huh, you say? What is an Estuary? Pretty fancy word for an almost enclosed body of water where rivers or streams meet that opens to the sea. Think of where rivers meet the sea – tidal river mouths. And while the idea is simple – these spots are often the most diverse in nature and home to tons of species. With one of America’s longest coastlines, Maine’s got a few estuaries kickin’ around. Each year, Laudholm Farm celebrates with a fun family friendly festival.

The Punkin part of PunkinFiddle is a harvest celebration – pumpkin carving, animal meet n greets and lots of good Maine made food. Well’s Farmers Market is open and there’s all sorts of fresh veggies.

The Fiddle part of PunkinFiddle is a live music and crafts – Foot stompin’ fun! With fiddles, blanket weaving, cider making, bee keeping, butter chunning, tractors and more – there’s a lot to see and enjoy.

Check out the full list of events online at http://punkinfiddle.org/

If you are visiting the festival from afar, come say hello!

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