Green Wedding Giveaway – Pick Your Shade!

The green wedding giveaway to now live – and open for entries! It’s time to pick your share and shout it to the world!

Couples can enter to win a green wedding at Clay Hill Farm. That’s right – the entire wedding. Dress, photos, cake, reception, Presidential Suite – it all.

“Well, I’m not green” you say. “I’m so overwhelmed with this whole green business – I couldn’t possible try to think green right now.” you say. “heck, I drive an SUV/use my recycle bin for storage/can’t remember where the organic food aisle is.” you say.

That’s okay. Green is a process and everyone is doing what they can, when they can. And maybe tomorrow you can do more, but for today, you do what you can. It’s about commitment to trying to make it work. And hey – isn’t that a lot like marriage? A commitment to working together on it.

So share what green means to you – how you are part of the process, beginning steps or daily tree hugs.

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