Great Pumpkin Contest Returns!

Good grief! This year’s pumpkin is large!

Our annual pumpkin contest is back!

Where does one find such a pumpkin? Funny you should ask. See, this year was a tough one for pumpkin growing. With the rain and regular rot issues, many small carving pumpkins burst and molded (Evidently pumpkin bursting can happen overnight. This gave us images of waking one morning and seeing a pumpkin patch covered in pumpkin goo – a potentially sticky situation). And growing large pumpkins, an art, was even more difficult. Farmer after farmer said they had crop problems and giant pumpkins explode, implode or just stop growing.

So the great pumpkin search was on. From Massachusetts to Vermont, New Hampshire to Maine – who had a giant pumpkin? Turns out there is one farmer (who shall remain nameless – after all, there is a contest going on) who is the giant pumpkin master. Famous from country shops to gas stations to state fairs, this farmer was sure he could locate a pumpkin for us. And he did – the perfect pumpkin was found – and it’s the Great Pumpkin!

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