Haunted Hallows Escape is a Fall Pick!

Our Haunted Hallows escape was a Halloween event pick! Did you know that the Old Village Inn – a choice on the weekend’s dining package – is famous for room 2? Featured in a book about ghosts and haunts of New England, the Old Village Inn has been a stop in the center of Ogunquit for food and rest for hundreds of year. Room 2 overlooks the street on the second floor and legend has it, the soul of a faithful departed haunts the room to this day. People report feeling chills in the dead (haha) of summer and quick rushes of breezes – though no window or door is open. Finally, the most haunted happening is the lights – flickering, glowing and randomly turning on and off.

In fact, the year Room 2 was included on the Ghost Tours of OgunquitFest (this happens on the Friday night of OgunquitFest and the tour changes a bit each year – but tells famous Ogunquit tales), as the group huddled outside the Old Village Inn, the lamp post light blew out and left them all in darkness. Just as the guide mentioned how the ghost is protective of Room 2. Coincidence? Perhaps . . .

Other famous ghost tales include the red coats marching the playhouse fields when fog rolls off the ocean, the Isadora sinking and the haunts of an alleged Indian grave in the back of our property (Several staff members report creepy noises, random lights and doors closing). To hear some of these, check out the Ghost Tours of OgunquitFest or visit us on Halloween weekend – if you dare!

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