Resource Monitor- Cool New Green Tool

As an Environmental Leader, we get a lot of sales pitches for ‘green’ products (some send us mailers weekly despite requests to stop wasting the paper please).  But this latest gadget is definitely one cool widget.

Agilewaves releases a Resource Monitoring system. Real Time look at your gas, electric and water consumption – and how that translates into Carbon emissions and money. (We immediately thought – teenagers of the world are in trouble – can’t leave the lights on anywhere and the parents have hard evidence that yes, you did waste water taking a 40 minute shower.)

Even better, the energy can be monitored on the go so when your relatives house sit, even they have to behave.

But seriously, sometimes you need to know where you are starting from to cut back and make changes. Startled to find how high the electricity is when you gone all day at work? Maybe it’s time for an Energy Star appliance to replace that old fridge or invest is a thermostat timer to automatically turn down the temperature when no one is there.

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