Gordy is getting popular – Thanks!

Our giant scarecrow – Gordy – is getting popular. He’s made the front page of Tourist News (they didn’t note it under the picture caption, but he is located at the Meadowmere, directly at our entrance). And we’ve spotted a few blogs about him.

On The Batty Belfry, Bob and Terry spotted our Ogunquitfest scarecrow in their travels up and down the coast. They also took some cool pictures.

On Mini-Obs, Wii Lad and Natalie posed in front of our giant pumpkins surrounding Gordy. http://natsthename.blogspot.com/2008/10/weekend-away.html . They also got some amazing pictures of the area (the Butterflies have been out lately – they are huge this year!) to enjoy.

We’ll keep our eyes open for more Gordy updates!

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