Stu’s Reviews . . . The Steakhouse

There’s a theme developing here – as you may have noticed, our fearless Stu is a big fan of beef! He has a point – cooking a steak well is a talent and definitely shows. There’s no way to fake steak!

Most people venture to Maine for the lobster and seafood, which is understandable. The area has excellent fishing and Maine lobster is one of a kind (and also a bargain right now). However, after a few days, guests usually stop by and ask where’s the beef? The Steakhouse in Wells is a great spot – clearly with an emphasis on steak, but also has a good seafood selection too. The sister restaurant is Lord’s Harborside which is a local favorite for seafood. For beef, the menu is very extensive – However Stu recommends the Eye of Round with twice baked potatoes. It’s consistently good and filling.

Service is charming – felt like an old friend that would sit down and chat with you. Very nice and relaxed – a pleasant experience. Another plus to the visit was not having to wait in line – the Steakhouse does not take reservations and can be very popular. A recommendation is to go early to beat the crowds. The excellent quality makes this a good choice for everyone looking for steak (though the busy atmosphere doesn’t work for a romantic outing or possibly an older crowd).

Overall, a Stu’s Review of 4.5 out of 5!

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