Home of the Bed Race Champions

We hinted at some of the fun to come on this year’s Ogunquitfest for the first ever Bridge to Beach Bed Race – but never did we imagine that the rumors would spread far and wide and the crowds would gather for such a sight.

First, congratulations to everyone who participated and watched – based on the steering and flying team members, it was a feat to dodge costumed bed pushers and occasionally the beds themselves. There were however, plenty of fun and laughs.

Don’t be fooled by the ‘large margin’ that the Meadowmere won by – our hotel’s bed just happened to keep all four wheels on. It’s a definite advantage to have four. We plan on repeating this portion of the design – in other words, having four wheels at all times.

Other than that, our Ogunquit team will need to rethink the theme (two donkeys and two elephants pushed Uncle Sam on a bed marked ‘economy or bust’ and ‘vote!’ not so relevant next year!) and perhaps hold a trial run, training or try outs for bed pushers (we had a few concerns with the bed going OVER a team member. While the good news is, the bed held together, we’d rather not have any human speed bumps! It’s just embarrassing to say you were run over by a bed driven by Uncle Sam to guests. Far too close to Gramma Got Run Over by a Reindeer!)

So thank you to everyone for the cheers (and jeers)! And a big congratulations to Rebecca & Bill on their wedding day – Thanks for being good sports about all the pictures!

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