Stu’s Review . . . East Restaurant

Stu’s back  – and breaking out of the prime rib mode!

East is a new restaurant, opened by the same owners that previously operated Yum Mee’s in Ogunquit. The new restaurant is located on Route 1 in Wells, just north of the Meadowmere, in a brand new building. The inside is gorgeous and features a sushi bar, grand staircase and incredible gift shop ($2000 chopsticks? Yes, they really do exist).

But have no fear, there is a deal to be found. Each Sunday East offers an extensive buffet. This is what led our fearless Stu to head East.

The greeting was found to be average upon arrival (you will definitely need to head to the hostess stand to be noticed). It’s a bit of a disconnect from the open and ornate decoration – which,fittingly, are in Asian styling and a beautiful setting.

The buffet features traditional Asian options of Japanese, Chinese and Thai dishes – primarily Chinese though. The choices are not too extensive, but suitable enough and everything was nicely prepared, fresh and replaced regularly. The buffet did not offer much of any opportunity to know about the table service so an experience on another trip may be different (after all, there isn’t any ordering or anything to go by).

For a first visit, the East seems to be very reasonably priced for the Sunday buffet and the option would be a nice choice for couples and off season bargain hunters in the area with a carving for Asian cuisine.

Overall, a Stu’s Review of 3 of 5 for the buffet!

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