Green Holiday Tips – Quick Thoughts

Some of these will be obvious – but in the holiday haze, may get overlooked. However, in the spirit of Christmas, we left off the idea of re-gifting . . .

Quick & Green Holiday Tips

  1. Make Your Own Wrapping Paper – Or reuse (unwrap and tape very carefully!). Most wrapping paper cannot be recycled. That’s right – it just hangs around landfills. Instead, try using the comic section for a laugh (or spots or business – whatever theme fits the gift). Or if you have little ones, let them join in the fun – have them decorate pieces of paper (30% recycled content preferably) and tape together for a unique package. Decorated cardboard boxes can be reused each year (this is good re-gifting). And finally, those little name labels – cut up the old holiday cards!
  2. Local / Organic Ingredients – Remember the Who’s in Whoville? Betcha they got that roast beast local! Try substituting a few things that work for the budget. And wherever you shop, don’t forget your canvas/reusable bag.
  3. Give Green, Pledge Green – Give green gifts to each other to help save on energy. Instead of that extra red tie, maybe Dad should have a new set of CFL bulbs and Mom has a programmable thermostat. Remember, lowering the temperature 5 degrees will save 10% on your energy bills in one year! See – now Dad will use that sweater!
  4. Double Check The Tree – Christmas trees are normally covered in chemicals – but more and more, you can find one that isn’t. It’s worth it – you’ll be living with this tree for a while, after all. Even better – most chemical trees are sold locally so you’ll be supporting your local grower! Consider decorating an outside tree, fireplace mantle or another alternative. About 98% of Christmas trees end of in landfills – see if a local chipper (woodsman) will chop it up for Spring gardening .
  5. Greener Greetings – Send emails instead of cards and e-vites instead of invitations.

Let us know if you are doing something cool – and green – for the holidays! We’d love to have you share your green Christmas tips!


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