The Ice Storm Cometh- And Now There’s Light & Heat!

By now, most of the world seems to know that New England came to a frozen halt Thursday into Friday. There just is no way to describe the huge loss to everyone in the area. However, we did want to thank a few special groups:

-The wonderful crews (some from as far away as Michigan- unbelievable!) – you got us back!

-The families that shared the adventure with us (check out Earl Yorke’s blog – quite a trooper. – Especially the Ford family who said ‘we hanging in with you’! Thank you for visiting us for over 15 years – this one goes in the record books!

-Our staff and friends that helped out so much over the last few days. It’s a bit scary to have over 115 bathrooms and piping facing freeze up, but the generators drove in from family and friends in Massachusetts and Sanford to save the day. And from the moment the lights went out, our staff worked around the clock to help guests and save the building. Darn right we’re having a holiday party this year – we appreciation each hour and every effort!

All is well and now that we are up, we have put out Winter Storm special into effect for local people in need. Please do not risk the cold – we here and we are happy to help!

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