Top Chef, Rachel Ray, Paula Deen, Giada – Sound Familiar?

Addicted to the Food Network? Anticipating cookbooks this Christmas? Trying to Master the Art of French Cooking? Or does the thought of de-boning anything make you cringe?

8099 We've got a fun new way to get cooking 101 and not stress. The Meadowmere has just launched a new culinary/spa package with Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School. Don't panic just yet – you really do more of the tasting than cooking. But the chefs give plenty of tips (want to get rid of brown on your greens? skip the regular knife and pick up a Zyliss - it's the metal that's dooming your salad) and dole out lots of treats (the classes are 3-5 courses).

And if you're still nervous, they serve wine. And if you're at the head of the class, you get 10% off the cooking school store – gadgets are everywhere. It's like a candy store for cooks!

Finally, soak in all the new cooking know-how with a massage at the resort.

Hey – since the winter weather is already frightful, this may a good way to add a pinch (maybe even a dash) of fun!

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