Monitoring the pitter patter of feet

A comment card from over this school vacation came in today with the lots of 10 and the words:

“We can’t think of anything else (to improve); everyone was friendly and we especially liked the importance you placed on the guests being considerate of others by not running or making loud noises in the halls.”

We’re taking this as great news – especially since this guest was staying near our game room. See, we walk the halls every day – checking  to make sure everything is as it should be. From room inspections to maintenance staff to security cameras, there are a lot of eyes making sure that the resort is in tip top shape. However, school vacation weeks have the addition of kids running and yelling – let loose with dollar bills for sugary soda and candy and video games. Not that we mind – after all they are kids. Being trapped indoors by cold weather builds up a little bit of energy (especially if you add skittles, coke and a little over excitement). We’ve gotten use to the sound of thunderous elephants over the office and the priceless cries of ‘stop touching me!’, ‘give that back!’ and ‘I’m gonna get there first!’

But other guests aren’t use to it. In fact, they are surprised (the most interesting are the teachers who are surprised – after all, they are on vacation and the kids are too!). So we do our best with signs, welcome packet reminders and the occasionally call to the parents when there are repeat offenders. It’s a tough task – kids are the fastest elephants we know.

So thanks – it may be a small thing to comment on, but we’re happy to to heard elephants and help make everyone’s stay a vacation!

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