Valentine’s Day . . . Panic?

It seems like every call this week to our hotel has been a very nice gentleman looking for this or next weekend (his significant other made mention of a getaway to Ogunquit and how nice it would be, happen to be looking at our Valentine’s weekends – something along those lines).

Naturally, this call is requesting a room with a single bed.

Unfortunately, these callers are finding that we have rooms with two doubles – everything with a single bed is sold out. (Some since last year – now that’s impressive planning right there)

Here’s where we find our inner optimist – see doubles mean you’ll be that much closer AND you’ll have an extra bed to use as a couch when channel surfing (handy when she is getting ready for that romantic dinner). And you can always through a bouquet in the mix for insurance.

So don’t panic. Yes, it’s true you did wait a little too long on this one, gentlemen – but we’ve figured out how to make it a positive!

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