Valentine’s – Another, er, solution

Okay – so our positive spin on rooms with two double beds may not be a hit with the ladies (perhaps the ability to use the second bed as a couch didn’t work – we’re not sure). We tried to help those who suffer from Valentine’s-procrastination (common symptom: waiting-until-the-last-minute). But alas, the condition for some may have, er, complications.

So for those who wish to avoid Valentine’s-procrastination – especially since it often involves side effects such as daily house chores and a remarkable flower budget – we are happy to say our Valentine’s Day Package is available. Hurrah – a cure!

We know – it’s so early. Just remember – if football season is over, you’ve caught Valentine’s-procrastination again. Additional complications could involve double beds. Oh, well, that’s where we started . . .

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