Pitter – Patter – Pitter – Patter . . . and puke? Patience please!

Well that’s what happened last night when one family’s children had a little too much soda, candy, running and rough-housing. After receiving a call from a neighboring guest to “please, please be relocated away from this family” (they were – right away) a quick trip to the area revealed that the kids were bouncing off the walls (literally) of the hallway. The result of this roughhousing was that one of the kids had vomited in the hallway of our Ogunquit hotel.

Naturally, this begs the question where were the parents? In their room, listening to the bouncing. Well, did they clean up or call for some help to clean up? Unfortunately not. One of our staff deep cleaned the area and got it smelling like roses again. Certainly the kids stopped behaving that way, you say! Nope – in fact several more visits to that area and family have been made.

Each year we do our best at the Meadowmere to keep up with any concerns over school vacation. What makes it worthwhile are those families who never create such concerns and share family photos and how things have been over the last year, who are respectful of the resort and who kindly thank us for trying our best. The familiar faces who share vacation after vacation. We have heartwarming tales of pen pals and bringing one’s kids to the place that was so much fun when mom or dad was a kid. Generations. It’s very rewarding.

So rather than create a huge kid fee per night (we’ve seen up to $50 per child per night – steep) or a behavior deposit (yep – there’s place in New England that makes parents leave a $500 deposit when traveling with children – refundable based on room condition and behavior. No messing around there), we going to keep doing our best. It;s seems much more fair to those who don’t create the pitter- patter effect.

So please help us out and keep the little ones from bouncing off the walls!

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