Black Trumpet – A Reason to Go Out to Eat

These days, it seems going out to eat requires a pretty special occasion. It’s hard to consider spending extra on much.

Here’s the deal though – you won’t have to break the bank at the Black Trumpet and you’ll leave thinking wow, that was great. Between regular reasonable prices and Portsmouth Restaurant Week deal, the Trumpet is a must try.

Homemade breads, delicious cheese courses and unique local ingredients. It’s comfort food with a little glitz (think roasted potatoes transforming into curried potato ragout with eggplant croutons). It’s all approachable but with a little something extra.

Now let’s talk portions. It occurred to us that the portions were intentional so that there was just enough room for each course (which is excellent – the panna cotta was simply perfect. Light, flavorful and with a delightful cinnamon ‘whipped cream’).

Service in these places is usually stuffy. Nope – the service was just excellent. No kidding. This may sound silly, but the water service (there was one gentleman making sure every table had fresh water, new silverware and cleared plates) was the best we’ve ever seen. Not once did anything wait or was the water low. When you get the little things like water right, it’s no surprise that the bigger things fall into place as well – from prompt ordering to the check. Since we ordered a vegetarian dish, the waiter made a point to offer that a vegetarian option is always available on the menu and changes regularly to be fresh. Attention to little details. Good service – Isn’t that a cornerstone to eating out?

There are no shortages of great restaurants in the Seacoast area. Count Black Trumpet on the top end in Portsmouth and go out to eat!

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