Jacuzzi Suite Renovation – We’re almost there!

Several of you have called to ask about the Main Jacuzzi Suite renovations at our hotel and we have good news – we are almost done!

The suites at our hotel are long time favorites for many of you since they have a private two person jacuzzi tub and feel like a cute B&B room. We know you miss them when you visit Ogunquit! When the renovation is complete (late March), the rooms will have brand new tubs and a refreshed look.

Here's the cool part – the wall from one room had to come down to let the tub in for another. It's amazing how it all works . . . To show a few pics . . . .


The wall between this suite and the next – can you believe they will fit a Jacuzzi through that?


Through the wall, looking into the tower tub


Tower tub at another angle  – soon home to a brand new jacuzzi for two!


Jacuzzi in waiting – this will fit through the wall . . . really!

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