A laugh and a sigh – all in one weekend

Here are two very different moments from this weekend . .

The first is Bob Marley and the crowd rolling with laughter. Bob was on fire – wicked good. We’ll keep you posted for  in case he returns to Ogunquit. Cause really, how can you beat Maine humor?

The second is a reminder that if you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a minute. And if you do like the weather, sometimes Mother Nature will make it a short minute. After 60 degrees, jacket-less, Spring weather – snow returned and covered the Meadowmere (Sigh – we were so close!). Pretty as a postcard as the day set on Monday.

However, now that we got the clocks straightened out and the calendars turned to March at the hotel, let’s hope it was the last hurrah for winter. Mother Nature – we’re ready for Spring!

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