Still Feeling the Ice Storm . . .

Today an ecomment appeared from a guest who was scheduled to join us during the December ice storm and just had the chance to visit Ogunquit. Though it was not brought up during booking or during the stay, the comment card had harsh words for us since we did not call this guest during the ice storm back in December. Indeed, the guest had driven up to the resort that day and found out that they could not stay because of the power outage (no lights, no hot water – not much of a vacation and a bit of a safety issue).

This is now March and it is unfortunate that this guest is still upset. We would have been happy to call all of our guests that day – however, without any power due to the ice storm, there was simply no way to reach everyone. The regular phones do not work without power and cell phones are not a solution – the phone numbers are in the reservation system (also requiring power). No one had any idea that the worst storm in over 20 years was headed our way.

Certainly we apologize for the inconvenience – and we also hope one day this guest will understand things can happen beyond one’s control (perhaps they just needed to get it out). It really was too bad so many people had their vacation plans change – we certainly wished everyone could have stayed! And appreciate those guests who were good sports about the dark days of December!

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