Hoist the Sails!

Every now and then we catch a story at the Meadowmere that is both cool and green. A recent blurb in Portland Magazine highlighted a company called Sea Bags and shared this fun Maine company that has a pretty cool idea – make bags out of old sails.

How ridiculously simple! And fashionable. And durable. We’ve all seen the bags at the grocery store that encourage us to avoid plastic and reuse. Admittedly, some of these are a bit suspect – they don’t look like they’d last more a trip. Or they are riddled with slogans and goofy pictures. Not that food shopping is a fashion show, but hey, there’s a phrase about form and function for a reason.

The Sea Bags look great, they’re Maine made (huge plus for us – thumbs up to the local businesses) and they are taking super durable sails and recycling them. With different sizes, we can see this being handy for the beach, shopping, purses, school bags – any time you need to hoist something (couldn’t resist). And since they are made from real sails, each one is fairly unique – when the sail is gone, so is the bag style (until next time one is recycled anyway).

Check them out online – and bring one to Ogunquit Beach this summer!

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