Patriot’s Day – Big Time Big Top Fun

Let the fun begin! Patriot’s Day festival kicks off with a bang – or at least a drum beat. Tonight starts with a fife and drum concert and later, Paul Revere rides again.

Little known tidbit – the Red Coats (aka the British) marched across the Ogunquit Playhouse fields. It’s actually a local ghost story in Ogunquit that when the fog off the ocean reaches the fields, you can see the Red Coats marching by.  So while it’s doubtful that Paul Revere rode through Ogunquit, it’s quite liking someone awoke our little village in the middle of the night as colonies began their journey into becoming the United States of America. At that time, the Meadowmere was a field (aka meadow) – they probably marched right on by our hotel too!

(Another side note – there were 2 riders that night. Paul and another gentleman. How come we only reenact Paul? Mostly likely because he was the more successful of the two. While the other gentleman (William Dawes) went door to door at each house, Paul went bar to bar. It seems that one encountered mostly women and elderly; Paul alerted every young man of militia age. Good call – or maybe he was thirsty – who knows)

Saturday, the Patriot’s Day festival in Ogunquit features the Taste of the Town, a Treasure Hunt and Casino Night. A point of pride, Taste of the Town crowns the weekend’s restaurant favorite. Each guest gets a taste and a vote – consider it Restaurant Idol or Top Chef! The Tory Treasure Hunt takes one all over town (hint – we here there’s something cool about the Purple Lanterns). Finally, Casino night is all about trying one’s luck.. Hit a little Black Jack and Roullette and – here’s a first – there’s always a winner – it’s for charity.

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