Classic Car Clubs – Tips to Enjoying Ogunquit

We’re pretty big fans of the car clubs here are the Meadowmere. With special parking, room locations, packages and more than a few staff compliments waiting for your vehicle, we’ve seen quite a few engines roar. From custom ordered corvettes to the classics – we even have an in house beauty affectionately known as Bessie. She makes her appearances in the Spring and Fall when the sun is shining and our fearless Stu treats her for a drive.

So in dedication to Bessie, here are a few tips to enjoy Ogunquit Maine and the Meadowmere as a car club:

  • Be sure to book your group early for the West Meadow or, if you are a large party, the Country Squire locations. This way, you’ll have reserved parking to welcome the club upon arrival.
  • Check out to find spots to stop and routes to drive state wide. Also feel free to ask us about local routes if you have something special in mind. The best and most scenic driving routes in Southern Maine are all easy to reach from Ogunquit. We’ve help many a corvette club explore the back roads – all paved of course!
  • Let us know if you need hoses, buckets or rags – gotta make her shine! It’s also important to know the car washes in the area and we are happy to make recommendations on who knows how to take good care of your car.
  • Remember that parking for a large car club can be a challenge at restaurants and around Ogunquit. We can help find restaurants open to car clubs in Southern Maine and advise you on local parking rates and accessibility.
  • Of course, car clubs are about hanging out with all your friends (and the drive). So after exploring a road with a few great corners and feeling the sea breeze (open windows, top down – gotta love the smell of the ocean), we can help arrange some fun at the West Meadow Pub or at Jonathan’s. There’s even a package option for your car group.
  • Finally, there’s nothing like a little friendly competition among car enthusiasts! From finding a drive in or local car show to organizing a staff favorite vote – our hotel is happy to find a way to help show off your beauty and have a little fun in Ogunquit!


So now that the weather is good, remember to look for Bessie and start those engines!

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