Drip, drop – A ironic and watery tale from Ogunquit

So there’s a bit of a fire storm in Ogunquit Maine over Poland Springs. Seems the company would like to have access to local water supplies. Now, Poland Springs is a great company and a Maine (sort-of – Nestle owns them now) company. And access to water is an important issue. But that’s not where this is going.

Today we are having our trusty and faithful electrician make some changes in the back office at our hotel so that the Poland Springs water cooler will work in it’s new area. Turns out, there quite a bit of wiring and the back office at the Meadowmere is a mess right now (yep – check in time on Friday. Not the plan, but sometimes you just end up there). We are hustling and bustling around -after all it’s Victoria Day weekend in Ogunquit. Really, it’s making us quite thirsty.

So when the electrician is done and the mess put away, we will enjoy our Poland Springs water. Which may in the end, be just the same as turning on the tap. What a drippy story indeed! Cheers!

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