Taste’s Top 10 Maine & NH Restaurants for August

The votes are in!

1. Café Mediterraneo, Portsmouth, NH
2. The Black Trumpet, Portsmouth, NH
3. Jumpin’ Jays, Portsmouth, NH
4. Anneke Jans, Kittery, ME
5. The Green Monkey, Portsmouth,NH
6. Ristorante Massimo, Portsmouth, NH
7. The Portsmouth Brewery, Portsmouth, NH
8. Bella Luna, Portsmouth,NH
9. Blue Sky, York Beach, ME
10. Brazo, Portsmouth, NH

Quite a mix there – looks like a few Mainers slipped in this time! Yeah Mainiacs! If you haven’t found Anneke Jans yet, that’s ok – it’s pretty well hidden. A very discreet black awning marks this restaurant in downtown Kittery. Where you say? How does one even get to this alleged center of Kittery from the ? Why would one go there with all the great restaurants in Ogunquit?

First, yes, a Kittery center is real. It’s fairly small, but huge on charm and in great proximity to Portsmouth, York & Ogunquit. Getting there is half the fun – Route 103, Route 1, coming across the eastern most bridge in Portsmouth. All are scenic drives past attractions and beautiful sights.  Rather than get into specific directions, Anneke’s is at 60 Wallingford Sq.

Second, yes, you do want to give this place a try. The mussels are delicious and for some reason (perhaps because of the neat presentation, maybe just that they are so darn good), we crave their fried olives. Little light pieces of heaven on a pedestal. Needless to say, it’s a small place – so make reservations – even on a weekday, even off season. Rather tight waiting area and they get busy. Better to know that they know you are coming, than discover our friends have no space for you! (And after you found it too!)

So next time you are up at our Ogunquit hotel, visit the desk. We’ll help get you there  – maybe even make a reservation, You know – for a fried olive, anything possible!

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