Marginal Way – More than just a view in Ogunquit

Many of you are familiar with Ogunquit’s famous cliff side ocean walk called Marginal Way. With scenic views of Ogunquit Beach and the Atlantic Ocean, this mile and a quarter path has long been one of Ogunquit’s main attractions. Easily in the top 5 things to do when in our town.

Every now and then, a guest shares a story with us that is just remarkable. Perhaps not so much that our hotel had much to do with the story (though often enough that is why the guest is sharing). Today, a guest shared a great story about Marginal Way – a story that shows how this little place by the sea can have a lasting touch.

Our friend Mary has been coming to the Meadowmere for many years and sharing us with friends, family co-workers and we’d venture to guess a few strangers along the way. Today Mary shared the story of the last time she walked Marginal Way. As she came along the point in the path where the rocks jut way out into the sea and waves crash against the edge, she noticed a man edging further and further out along the rocks. In his profile, she spotted something familiar – oxygen tanks. The gentleman was elderly and needed such assistance in his coming and goings. Concerned, Mary sat down on the nearest bench, next to an elderly woman, and stared at the man. Commenting “well, that certainly is something. Do you think he needs help?”, the woman on the bench replied “Oh no, that’s my husband.”

Puzzled, Mary say for a moment, then struck up a conversation with the wife – why would her husband, oxygen tanks and all, be heading out to such a point? The wife explained that Marginal Way had been a favorite place for longer than they could remember – and for her husband, that point had been a particularly important part of each visit to Ogunquit. She explained that he was heading for a place where he would sit and watch waves. Since he wouldn’t be able to do to make the journey for much longer, he had steeled himself to go out there one more time. To take in the view, to feel the waves, to be on Marginal Way.

Moved, Mary asked if the woman had a camera for this event – it seemed so important. The wife shook her head – “No” she replied. “Of all the things, I forgot it.” Mary reached in her bag and pulled out her camera. Taking pictures of the man on the point, she remembered that she could also video tape this moment. Mary and the wife exchanged emails and a little while later, Mary went on her way.

To this day, Mary stays in touch with this elderly couple and sent them a beautiful video and wonderful pictures of this touching moment. Long after the day – perhaps long after the husband can visit his special point on the rocks – these images remain.

Marginal Way is many things – geologically important, scenic, historic. On that day – and for every visit made to Marginal Way that brings you to a special point – Ogunquit’s ocean walk is so much more.

Thank you for the story and sharing a memory of Marginal Way.

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