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  • During making reservations for a large party of people on our Eat Drink Be Merry package, Alex inquired if there was a special occasion. The guest revealed is was a 50th anniversary celebration and then asked if something special, like cake, could be provided. Alex immediately offered to work with the restaurant on providing something special. Over the next three days, Alex worked with the guest and restaurant to have a special anniversary cake ready for the big weekend.
  • While staying at the Meadowmere, guests in one of our Luxury suites with Jacuzzi and fireplace discovered that the stone had fallen from an earring and was missing. Unfortunately, the room had just been cleaned and the stone was most likely vacuumed up during service. Once the guest had alerted housekeeping, both Jeremy and Janet went to the vacuum to search through the bag for the stone. After an hour, the guest called to let us know that they had found the stone in the room but greatly appreciated that we immediately went to assist them.
  • Upon check in guests in our Main building approached Janet and mentioned that they did not like the chair in their room. Janet asked them to hold onto the chair while she searched for a replacement and promptly located a new chair to suit their needs.
  • Jonathan’s Restaurant provides room service to our guests, a convenience many enjoy – especially when it is cold outside. One guest had ordered desserts and one option was missing ice cream. Once brought to Alex’s attention, he immediately contacted Jonathan’s to provide the missing tasty treat, which they quickly and happily brought over.

“The most important trait for innovation today isn’t creativity, but curiosity.”

Thank you for letting us share this week’s service stories with you. Each week we hope our little differences help bring a smile to you face – remember, service is not dead (excellent service, according to some of our fans! Thanks!). It just took a vacation to Maine!


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