This week’s stories!

Plus, the Meadowmere Resort is featured in Real Maine Weddings! How exciting!

  • As a group of guests celebrating a birthday were talking in the hall, they noticed Raychel cleaning in a suite. Having never seen the Jacuzzi rooms, the couples were curious and poked their heads into the open door. As there were no guests in the suite, Raychel invited them in to see the room and Jacuzzi up close. The couples began to talk about how it was a great room to book for a special occasion. Raychel then took the time to describe the different suite options – from fireplace to Jacuzzi to luxury suite with both to the large Presidential Suites – giving examples and descriptions. The guests were impressed that she took the time to help plan their next special stay and knew so much about the hotel and the different suites.
  • While heading to her housekeeping section, Janet said hello to guests in the hall, who promptly asked her how does the family suite connecting door work to join their rooms. They were traveling together and thought it would be wonderful to use. Janet gladly unlocked the door for them and when they mentioned that they were also ready for housekeeping service, she said certainly! Though it was not her section, she tidied up the rooms right then and there for the guests.
  • At 11pm at night, guests received at emergency phone call that there had been a death in the family. They quickly checked out and departed for home. On the way home, this guest couldn’t remember if they had turned off the oxygen tank in their room and called the hotel very worried about the tank. Jack thanked them and assured them that he would personally visit the room to turn off the oxygen and make sure that the room was all set. He immediately went to the room, checked and turned off the tank and quickly returned to the desk. Jack called the guests and assured them all was settled and to please not worry – we were happy to have helped them in such a situation.
  • Kyle was welcoming a mother and daughter who were excited to be staying on our Stonewall Kitchen Make Me A Chef package. During the middle of check in, the Cooking School called to cancel the course as the snow storm was predicted to be very bad the next day (it was! 20 inches!). Kyle immediately informed the guest and made the proper adjustments to their stay as they did not want to reschedule for a different course. After apologizing, he brought the information to a manager and it was decided that we would ask Stonewall Kitchen to mail these guests the recipes from the course they had missed as a nice surprise. The guests received a phone call of the news and were impressed at the extra step.
  • During the early evening, Sheila received a phone call from a Family Suite that sink was acting funny – there didn’t seem to be any water. She immediately sent up a houseman to inspect the suite and after deciding that there was no immediate concern such as a pipe, she suspected that a renovation two floors below may be causing the issue, perhaps air was in the system. She located two rooms next to each other and offered to move the guests, who quickly decided that they wanted to stay in the suite. Sheila then brought them a pitcher of water to make the situation comfortable and let them know the following day a manager would be happy to check in on them. The next day, though still wanting to stay in the suite, a second room was given to the guests so that they could have a full bath nearby.

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary.” Sam Walton

Thank you for letting us share this week’s service stories with you. Each week we hope our little differences help bring a smile to you face – remember, service is not dead (excellent service, according to some of our fans! Thanks!). It just took a vacation to Maine!

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