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April is so appetizing at the Meadowmere . . . because it’s Taste of the Town at the Patriot’s Day Festival. A Bobby Flay style throw down between Ogunquit Restaurants for bragging rights. Even more egg-cellent, Easter is hoppin’ into town with delicious brunches. And the best sign of Spring – Barnacle Billy’s opens. Did we hear a stomach growl?? Maybe that was us!

  • Online reservations are a beautiful thing. You can make your reservation to see us in Ogunquit when you want for what you want. But every now and then we spot something. In review the online reservations for the day, Jack noticed that a guest had reserved two rooms for his summer vacation. However, the reservations were for two very different rooms, in two completely different areas. The guest had been with us before and knew our hotel, but it seemed very odd to have rooms so far away. Being that it was very late at night and Jack was not going to be able to contact this guest personally, he printed out the details and left a note for the morning team. After touching based with the guest, the rooms were exactly as he wanted them to be. He was very impressed that we checked each reservation – even as far out as summer – and made sure his details were correct.
  • During the weekend, Janet was cleaning her rooms and noticed upon walking into one of our Luxury Suites lights hung around the in room Jacuzzi. She immediately remembered seeing those same lights about a year ago and spotted a Happy Anniversary card too. She tidy up and left for the day, but on the next morning, when the guests were departing, she meet them in the hall. After wishing them Happy Anniversary, Janet asked if they had come last year to celebrate and if they had brought lights then. Surprised, the guests said yes – they had such a good time, they decided to make it a tradition. Janet said she remember them, thanked them and looked forward to next year.
  • Every day we see people on vacation. One might think that means we see only happy people check in. After all, who doesn’t look forward to a vacation? The strange thing is, sometimes people are so in need of a getaway, it takes awhile to unwind. We know a guest is really overdue if it lasts beyond the hot tub! Kyle had been working with one such guest – from reservations to during the stay to finally check out. Though it was a busy departure time, Kyle took the time to chat with the guest until he cracked a smile. Phew – a close call but we got there!

“One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.” – Lewis Carol

Thank you for letting us share this week’s service stories with you. Each week we hope our little differences help bring a smile to you face – remember, service is not dead. It just took a vacation to Maine!

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