This week’s stories!

Our spring Guest Appreciation weekend was a hit! So many friendly faces and the pub was hoppin’ both Friday and Saturday night. Our Ogunquit hotel was jumpin’! Of course, it is our pleasure to thank you all of you! This weekend Ogunquit leads a revolution – we’re celebrating Patriot’s Day with our annual festival. Taste of the Town is a favorite for us – who doesn’t love a chance to sample all the delicious Ogunquit restaurants? This year, Ogunquit is mustering the troops with a militia enlistment, kid’s amusements and a historical figure treasure hunt. Give me liberty – and a weekend in Ogunquit!

  • We’ve mentioned how important coffee is before. For many guests, a cup of morning Joe is a must. Laura was refreshing the coffee area one morning when a guest in search of morning sunshine began looking around the coffee station. The guest seemed so lost that Laura asked if she could help. Turns out the guest likes her coffee a very particular way – with a splash of ice water. Laura retrieved a cup of ice water for the guest and chatted with her for a few more minutes. The next day, knowing that this woman was still a guest with us, Laura set up the coffee station with a pitcher of ice water – ready and waiting.
  • During his evening rounds, Matt encountered a guest heading back to her room and chatted with her, asking how her stay was going and how her room was. She replied that she was enjoying the hotel and the room was lovely, but she was very uncomfortable using the shower – she had special grab bars at home and being away from that made her nervous. Matt promptly offered to bring a shower seat to her to make her stay more comfortable. Surprised and touched by the concern, the guest gladly accepted the offer.
  • While at the front desk one evening, Sheila had an elderly guest enter the lobby. This guest was obviously rattled and she was upset. Sheila asked how she could help and found out this guest had an unpleasant experience a store that evening. During the conversation, the guest abruptly left. Concerned, as Sheila had learned that the guest had diabetes, she headed up to the guest’s room to check on her. Sheila encountered her in the hallway needing ice, soda and water. Sheila assisted the guest and made sure the woman was comfortable, chatting for a bit to help her calm down from an upsetting experience.
  • In preparing one of our Luxury Suites, Janet had set up swans for the guests, knowing that they were celebrating an anniversary. During their stay, the husband approached Janet and asked if she would teach him how to make the swans. His wife had absolutely loved them and he thought it would be a great trick to know how to make them at home as a surprise. Happily Janet showed him how to make the swans and was delighted to know they were having such a good time.

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