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  • Crystal was checking in luggage for a bus tour when a guest approached her and told her she was  lost. The guest was looking for Jonathan’s and was supposed to meet her family there for her 85th Birthday dinner. She escorted the guest over to Jonathan’s and made sure that her daughter was their so that she would not have to wait alone. Then she placed a box of Pumpkin bread mix in her room with a note wishing her a happy Birthday. The guest was so touched by her kindness and thankful for the small gift that she sought out Crystal the next day to personally thank her and gave her a hug.
  • Janet was cleaning a room when she was approached by a guest. The guest was inquiring about where we purchase our Oatmeal Soap. The guest has very sensitive skin and was delighted with the condition of her skin after using our soap. She inquired with the housekeeping manager where we purchased the soap and passed the information along to the guest.
  • Guest was staying in our West Meadow building and needed assistance finding parking. Whitney  jumped into action and assisted the guest with finding a parking spot closest to their room and then showed them directly to their room. She even helped bring their luggage up to their room.
  • Amber was cleaning a room when a guest approached her and informed her that the shower in their room was not working. She called maintenance over to look at the shower, it was determined that nothing was wrong with the shower. She didn’t want the guest to feel that their request was not addressed so she left a note for the guest that the shower had been looked at and informed the guest how to use the shower.

“When people talk about successful retailers and those that are not so successful the customer determines at the end of the day who is successful and for what reason.” – Jerry Harvey

Thank you for letting us share this week’s service stories with you. Each week we hope our little differences help bring a smile to your face – remember, service is not dead. It just took a vacation to Maine!

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