This week’s stories!

Gordy has bewitched Ogunquit! He’s a towering 15ft and 1200lbs this year and ready to welcome you to Fall in Ogunquit. Haven’t been before? Don’t miss out! Ghostly tours, scarecrow contest, the famous Bed Race, High Heel Dash, apples, cider, concerts, costumes – Oh, my!

  • Cheers! Many a guest checks in with bags, snacks, swimsuits and perhaps a bottle of wine . . . or in this case many bottles. Turns out this guest had several family members joining us at the Meadowmere and were celebrating a special occasion in Ogunquit. Janet spotted this couple as they were arriving and offered to help them to their room. In addition she asked if she may get them wine and tumbler glasses for their refreshments. The guest was very happy and accepted. Upon her return with the glasses, Janet also included a bucket of ice to save him the trip.
  • While making a reservation, Sheila sensed that perhaps the woman was elderly – However she had booked a room that would require stairs to access. Sheila politely gave this detail on the room location and the guest immediately appreciated knowing this – she had just had some concerns with her knees. Sheila then said to keep in mind that we are happy to help with luggage should she like upon arrival. The guest appreciated the offer and thanked Sheila.
  • A daughter was traveling with her family and her father and had arranged for two rooms to be near each other. We were happy to accommodate the request – However, it came to light upon arrival that her father would not be able to do stairs. Sheila looked into the system and found a way to relocate the father to the first level. After settling in the gentlemen told her he was so thrilled – he would have had to stay in the room most of the time because he can’t do stairs more than once a day. But now, he can enjoy this time with his family.

“Merely satisfying customers will not be enough to earn their loyalty. Instead, they must experience exceptional service worthy of their repeat business and referral. Understand the factors that drive this customer revolution.”  – Rick Tate

Thank you for letting us share this week’s service stories with you. Each week we hope our little differences help bring a smile to your face – remember, service is not dead. It just took a vacation to Maine!

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