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  • Decaf? No thank you, it’s dangerous to dilute my caffeine stream. Tracy was getting ready to depart for the day when a group of our repeat guests were checking in, she greeted them with a warm hello and remembering how much they love Dunkin Donuts offered to pick them all up coffee on her way in the following morning. The guest was delighted and gave her all of the specifics on their coffee and tea preferences. As promised she arrived promptly at 7am with their full coffee order. The guests came down to the desk shortly after and were very happy to have their coffees there waiting, it was just the wake up they needed to start their first day of vacation.
  • Dead batteries are no fun, and they are even less fun on vacation. Kyle was working at the front desk when he was informed by another guest that there was a vehicle in our parking lot with it’s hazard lights on. He went out to the parking lot and located the vehicle, recorded the parking permit information and called the guest. There was no answer in their room and remembering the guest from check in, he decided to talk a walk and check the common areas and amenities to see if he could locate the guest. He found the guest relaxing in the Roman Spa and informed them that their hazards were on so that they could turn them off before it ran down the vehicle’s battery.
  • Brittany was cleaning the Roman Spa when a guest inquired where the towels for the amenity were located. She informed the guest that the towels were located at the front desk. She offered to retrieve the guest a few towels so that they could continue to relax in the Roman Spa and wouldn’t have to walk to the lobby in their swimsuits.
  • Hey, I can’t find the Lost and Found. Kristen was working in laundry when a guest asked her if she knew where the lost and found was. She advised the guest that it was located in the housekeeping office and called up to see if the guest’s item had been located. The guest had misplaced his swimsuit and was looking to go for a swim, luckily the item had been turned in to lost and found. She offered to go to the office and retrieve the item for the guest, the guest declined and stated “I need the walk”, she asked that the item be held at the front desk so that the guest could pick it up.

“It is in this moment you have the power to be the solution”  – Ileana Kane

Thank you for letting us share this week’s service stories with you. Each week we hope our little differences help bring a smile to your face – remember, service is not dead. It just took a vacation to Maine!

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