Plan a spring vacation to Ogunquit Maine

Spring in Maine is a wonderful time of year to visit. Here’s how to convince your friends and family to take that Maine vacation – in mud season.

Mud. Rain. It’s a tough sell to head to the Maine Beaches – even with good tires. No one likes the idea of becoming My Cousin Vinnie. But hey, here’s how to tell friends it’s the perfect escape. After all Maine lobster and shopping at L.L. Bean happens every day. Walk along the rocky Maine coast of Marginal Way in Ogunquit, miles of blooming flowers and cross country trails, and no signs of those summer crowds. Just grab a slicka’ (Maine speak for a raincoat) and go.

These are some reasons why spring is the best month to come and visit Ogunquit Maine.

So, how do you convince your friends, your family to visit Maine when the mud is upon us?

Step 1: Book a hotel room at the Meadowmere Resort in Ogunquit Maine.

There are options – resort rooms, family suites, suites with fireplaces, suites with Jacuzzis – even suites with both. We purposely did this so you can convince your family, your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/partner, your friends – whoever you have in mind for this Maine trip. Heck, springtime in Maine is long; you could make several trips out of this campaign.

You’re welcome.

Step 2: Plan your travel to Maine.

If you’re within driving distance, just hop on 95, take exit 7 for Ogunquit and presto – spring vacation in Maine. If that’s a bit of a haul, the newly expanded Portland Jetport is just 40 minutes from the hotel, and serves a wide variety of airlines. If this finds you carless, fear not – the hotel features TV room, spa, outdoor and indoor Jacuzzi and is walking distance from restaurants, shops, Marginal Way if you feel adventurous. If your trusty car is handy, explore more my friend.

Step 3: Plan to visit attractions.*

Ogunquit’s got some great attractions and things to do, year round – only now without the crowds. Start with this list of Things to Do in Southern Maine in the Mud  Season.

  1. Walk Marginal Way – Call us crazy but you can grab an umbrella (we even have Meadowmere ones) and get one heck of an ocean view. Even better, with a sprinkle or two, you can hit the trail, claiming your daily exercise to justify lots of Maine lobster.
  2. Jam it up – Stonewall Kitchen is just minutes away and free samples abound. From chocolate sauces to Maine blueberry jam to homemade treats, this is a full afternoon of fun – especially if you take a tour or a cooking class (which also involves wine – a nice perk on a rainy day).
  3. Head north – or south and shop, shop, shop – Ok, so if this trip is with your husband, he might feel differently. But you can convince him the heading south to Kittery Outlets is worth it – Roberts Maine Grill has oysters, flat screen tv and Moxie. And to the north, LL Bean has an
    entire hunting division. So there. All manly things to do in Maine.
  4. See what’s brewing in Maine – The Maine Beer scene is amazing. Tully’s in Wells is like a magic carpet ride for beer lovers and Federal Jack’s is just up Rt 1 in Kennebunkport. In pinch, Cornerstone in Ogunquit brings all that closer – artisan beer and gourmet pizzas. Tasting
    craft beers in a cozy Maine pub beats the couch at home.
  5. See old things – as in Antiquing. A snooze fest, you say? Not so fast – the Maine Antiquing corridor has everything from sports memorabilia to Johnson’s Historical Museum to lighthouses. Throw in the thrift stores and you have yourself a regular bazaar of Maine treasures at your
  6. Eat – as in lots. Maine lobster is just the start. From restaurants with ocean venues to classic diners to famous hot dogs. Just eat. A long winter is over after all and you need the fuel to survive.

Now, if you follow these steps (very easy 1-2-3), not only will you have convinced your friends, family and neighbors to visit Maine in the spring, you’ll actually get some rest and relaxation to boot.

See you this Spring!

*This comes with a caveat question ‘What if it really pours?’ Built in back up plan – Amenities. Pack the swimsuit and enjoy the hot tubs. The Roman Spa is a salt water therapeutic tub so you can justify having to spend hours in it to anyone. And if you need more to relax, massage is available onsite – from the quick 30 minute Swedish (so no one will miss you after you convinced them to take a Maine trip with you) to full 90 minute deep tissue treatments (again, it’s a form of therapy and your friends will be jealous at how relaxed you are). Game room means your inner kid can challenge your companion in billiards, air hockey, car racing. The entertainment and subsistence even comes to you –
there’s room service and live music on weekends.  You might find yourself cheering FOR rain.

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