This Week’s Stories!

In like a lion, out like a lamb. Let’s hope that March is as meek as a lamb because it sure came in like a lion. Don’t forget about our Mud season deals, check out our Spa Package for a little indulgence. Nothing like a clay mask and exfoliation to get you ready for the spring renewal. Don’t forget to hippity hoppity over to our website and check out our Easter Package. Think Spring!

  • Which way is up? Matt noticed a guest in the connector in the South building who was looking at the signs posted and clearly looking for something. He inquired if he could help the guest admitted they were looking for the Honeymoon Arch Suite. Matt ushered the guest to the parking lot and helped them find a a spot close to their room and then showed them to their suite.
  • Wine is just fine, if you can open the bottle. One of our guests called down late one evening in a bit of a panic, they had a lovely bottle of wine but no way to open it. Eric brought the guest up a wine opener and two wine glasses, the guest was much more relaxed once they were able to enjoy their Merlot.

“The mind is like a parachute! It only works when it’s open.” – unknown

Thank you for letting us share this week’s service stories with you. Each week we hope our little differences help bring a smile to your face – remember, service is not dead. It just took a vacation to Maine!

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