Pros on Our Salt Water Pool

Going green has become an essential part of our daily lives. Coffee shops separate waste cans accordingly, people using public transportation, companies cutting down on packaging and switching to post consumer waste products, businesses using biodegradable cleaners, and companies powering offices with alternative energy. For hotels, there are many ways to execute these green aspects into daily routines.

Our Southern Maine Resort is very focused on going green. Solar panels power our electricity; we use ozone to reduce water consumption in our laundry facilities, as well as in our pool facilities. Although there are upsides and necessities for chlorine, ozonation and salt water chlorination has the ability to reduce chemical usage up to 60-90%. With it being such a beneficial alternative, it is great to incorporate such innovative technology to daily practices.

If you are unfamiliar with ozone technology, it is a fast-growing alternative to chlorine. As it is naturally occurring, it protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays given off by the sun. Major uses of ozone are to purify water-drinking water and swimming pools globally for almost seventy years. Advantages to ozone are safely killing bacteria, viruses, yeasts, molds and mildew, without leaving any chemical byproducts like chlorine does. With ozone, there is no chemical smell or taste, and it does not irritate eyes or dry the skin. Unlike chlorine, ozone does not discolor clothing or hair which is certainly a plus side for all those blondes out there!

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Ozone requires a machine that introduces the ozone to the water through the pool’s return jets. It does require the help of chlorine or bromine in small amounts as well as algaecide to maintain standard water quality. Overall, the ozonation can reduce chemical usage up to 90% killing bacteria 3,000 faster chlorine or bromine.

Within ozonation, there are two types, either ultraviolet light or corona discharge. The primary difference is that corona discharge uses up to 90% less energy than ultraviolet light while producing more ozone outputs. Either way, using ozonators will save you $700 a year, only costing $40 annually.

This is so vital to our hotel’s operations due to the fact that our guests are our priority. Having guests swimming in our water amenities throughout the year, it is our job to make it the most enjoyable, germ yet danger free, experience possible. This has been a major success especially with families’ interested in their children’s health and well-being.  Why wouldn’t we all want to avoid those red eyed and dry skinned children?

In our indoor Jacuzzi, also known as our Roman Spa, salt water chlorination is used. This system leaves our Jacuzzi germ free without that chlorine smell, red eyes, dry skin, or discolored hair and clothing. Using non iodized salt, the salt water chlorination system is a standalone purifier with no other chemicals needed. It is, however, a chlorine generator. Chlorine levels are easily adjustable and consistently flowing; however pH and alkalinity levels still require observation. Overall, with salt water chlorination you will save $955 annually.

With something this appealing it’s crazy to think not all facilities use these technologies! What’s really great about incorporating this into our hotel is that we have the ability to talk about its benefits to spread the word.

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